Recommendations from colleagues

I've asked many of my current and former colleagues to write recommendations about me and my work. They can all be found on my LinkedIn page, but here are some highlights:

Why me?

Welcome, y'all!

Areas of expertise

Expert content producer.

Creative video editor.

Social media guru.

News junkie. 

Blair Shiff

Thank you so much for expressing interest in my work. My skill set is extremely diverse, and my passion for my work is unending. Please peruse my website to learn more about my experience.

I can assure you my energy for my job is constant, and my coworkers often refer to me as the trivia queen. I'm full of useless knowledge, but that comes in handy in this crazy industry.

My original journalistic focus was in sports broadcasting. But after graduating, I broadened my horizons into general-assignment web reporting. I'm still known to yell at a sports team, however.